Steve Dudas
Music Down the Hall
Played guitar, wrote songs, produced

Quincy Jones
Q-Series: Blues for
Co-wrote all songs & played guitar

Quincy Jones
Q-Series: Soul for
Co-wrote all songs & played guitar

Ringo Starr
Liverpool 8
Co-wrote 8 songs & played guitar on all tracks

Ozzy Osbourne
Prince of Darkness
Arranged & played guitar on 9 cover songs. Co-wrote “Dog the Bounty Hunter” from the television series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.

Ringo Starr
Choose Love
Co-wrote 7 songs & played guitar on the album

Robert Downey Jr.
The Futurist

Ringo Starr
Co wrote 7 songs & played guitar & bass

Timothy B. Schmidt
Feed the Fire
Co-wrote 2 songs, played electric & acoustic guitar

Angela Ammons
Angela Ammons
Producer/Engineer, co-wrote 2 songs, played guitar & keyboards

Just Push Play
Co-wrote title track, “Just Push Play”

Speak No Evil
Welcome to the Down Side
Producer/Engineer, co-wrote 5 songs

The Churchills
You Are Here

Speak No Evil
Speak No Evil
Producer, co-wrote 7 songs

Various Artists
Steal This Music Soundtrack
Electric guitar

Ringo Starr
I Want to be Santa Claus
Electric & acoustic guitar, co-wrote 1 song

Baha Men
Who Let the Dogs Out?
Co-wrote 1 song

Swirl 360
Ask Anybody
Co-wrote 1 song, played guitar

Ringo Starr VH1 Storytellers
Electric guitar

Ringo Starr Vertical Man
Electric guitar & bass, co-wrote 8 songs

Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis
Co-wrote “Ghost Behind My Eyes” and “Denial”

Ceremony: Hang Out Your Poetry
Electric & acoustic guitar, Co-wrote 2 songs

Alice Cooper: Last Temptation
Co-wrote 1 song

Barry Manilow Barry Manilow
Played guitar

The Dig: The Dig
Co-wrote all songs, played guitar

ComboNation: ComboNation
Co-wrote all songs, played guitar